TESHE Young Women's Movement

Taramba Kusara! We won't be left out

According to the 2011 labour survey,Young Women between 15-34 are affected by unemployment in the country at 20% as opposed to 9% of young men .Overally youth constitute the bulk of unemployed population in Zimbabwe and globally. The Youth Fund was established to correct this problem and encourage entrepreneurship among youth.However of the funds allocated,few women were allocated funds standing at 34%. Digging deeperTESHE YOUNG Women Movement discovered fewer women applied generally as opposed to young men for the funds. Furthermore the ones that applied were unsuccessful because of lack of space, capacity building, skills and technical know how. In light of this we facilitated Business l Capacity Building Training and Poultry Farming training through Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC ) and lrvines for 10 young Women.Furthermore , team building exercise,assertiveness and sexual reproductive health rights awareness were also conducted . On the 16th of August 2013 the Pilot Poultry Project Was launched at the Mt Hampden Training Centre through partnership will the Ministry of Youth Development Indigenisation and Empowerment, with 300 chics.The young women are undergoing Integrated Skills Outreach program (ISOP) for the period of 6 weeks which is the length of time chickens take to mature. TESHE Young Women Movement Is responsible for the market linkages.

TESHE began by making repairs to the fowl runs which had not been in use in over a year.The ladies participated in the purchasing of the feed and chiCs and necessary equipment and medication as taught in the Irvines training After 2 nights of residing at the training centre the participants learnt how to handle chic when they first arrive and putting their theory into practice. With the guidance of an experienced poultry rearer they are responsible for the feeding and cleaning of the chics and chicken fowl runs. To date the chickens have been separated into 2 groups and the ladies take turns to come and check up on the chickens which are now entering their 4th week. Photos below show the ongoing poultry project ... TARAMBA KUSARA !!!

Expected Results :the young women are eligible to access funding and run a successful poultry business and exercise their sexual reproductive health rights with no financial constraints.

Watch this space for more updates.