TESHE Young Women's Movement

Taramba Kusara! We won't be left out


Challenge social exclusion, inequality and marginalization of young Zimbabwean women.


Foster an enabling environment for young women to exercise and enjoy their rights and attain social and economic autonomy.


  • To develop the capacity of young women in entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development.
  • To foster relationships and linkages between young women, professional women, the business community and other support structures.
  • To lobby for increased access to capital and means of production for young women.
  • To assist young women in making informed decisions with regards to their socio-economic well being.
  • To mobilise resources for the support of young women in improving their livelihood.


  • Mentorship
  • Economic Participation
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Political Empowerment
  • Educational Attainment
  • Health & Well being


  • Young Zimbabwean Women (15-35 years of age)
  • The business community
  • Social service providers