TESHE Young Women's Movement

Taramba Kusara! We won't be left out

We seek to promote inclusive community development and empowerment of young women. In addition champion a change in attitudes and bridge the gap that is widening in terms of opportunities availed for young women in comparison to their male counterparts. TESHE is pursuing its vision and objectives through the following programs:-

Mentorship Program

As TESHE Young Women’s Forum, we believe it’s not enough to throw money at a young woman, who otherwise has never managed a business and doesn’t have a full understanding of the industry they wish to penetrate. From this Forum, we intend to rope in female Captains of Industry who have demonstrated success in their particular Industry to step up and provide mentoring and “adopt” the women in their particular sector. 

Mentoring is a concept that most Zimbabweans talk about in theory but don’t action. When you mentor, it is simply not only about giving a speech, peppered with the how-to’s and you must not’s. We need the mentors to dedicate time in their busy schedules and appreciate that if this generation of women is ever going to be taken seriously, they must be armed with a skill set rich in experience, knowledge and lessons that can only be imparted by the women who have travelled the and conquered the “giants” in the business and social world.


TESHE has partnered with entrepreneurial, technological and astute self starters with a clear vision on wealth creation and self-management. These individuals will be engaged to impart their knowledge and develop the capacity of young women to be business oriented and assertive.


Seminars provide a platform for experts to mentor, motivate and train the young women in various aspects which include life skills, business management, assertiveness as well as grooming and etiquette. The seminars also allow for networking and sharing ideas.


TESHE will facilitate the development of synergies and relations between the business community, aspiring young business women and the different service providers who are all pivotal in supporting young women improve their livelihood.

Capacity Building Workshops

Young women will receive training in entrepreneurship, business management, assertiveness and life skills. These trainings equip the women with the necessary tools to excel in life and thus support themselves and their families.